About Us

Feedco breeding company

is specialized in breeding and marketing parent stock of broilers; Different strain crosses “bred in Canada” are designed for a wide range of production systems and market requirements.

  • low mortality
  • efficient feed conversion
  • excellent external and internal egg quality
  • adaptability to different environments

We at Feedco assure the highest possible health status by a combination of

  • increasing genetic resistance by selection
  • adherence to the most stringent hygiene standards at hatchery and breeding farm level
  • Intensive research works in our veterinary laboratory and close collaboration with researchers at the university

Feedco Marketing

Feedco is a major trader of grains and oil seeds, as well as a marketer of many other agricultural and non-agricultural commodities. Merchandising grains and oilseeds begins with Feedco country elevators contracted partners, located in North and South America. This system allows Feedco to purchase harvested grains and oilseeds directly from farmers, store them until marketing opportunities emerge and then ship the commodities in bulk to points of demand around the globe.
Feedco operates both owned and leased facilities and transportation systems to ensure economical and efficient distribution.
Feedco maintains a network of trading offices throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Rim. A close working relationship among geographic locations allows traders to share the information and resources that keep Feedco customers continuously linked to market opportunities.

Animal Nutrition Company

Feedco North America the world leader in animal nutrition solutions. We are committed to work side by side with our clients worldwide to supply them with full solution for animal feed from best quality ingredients to top of the line equipments up to a turn key projects for feed mills; farms; processing plants and other with the help of our construction company.